“The experience is undefined until it meets its definition: You.”


What SHE Offers

Through what SHE (the Self(s) Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair as ONE become) offer. One is instantly enlightened within ONE Self(s) Intelligence and light that joins all life seamlessly as ONE. Through HypnoparityTM: .. where two separate finite beings, in tandem, transcend stress and tension of the conscious mind. Through transcendence, in a conscious sleep/dream-like plane two are seamlessly awakened as ONE in a realm of where pure eternal consciousness presides. In this plane, two are primed to transcend their finite individual intellects into ONE infinite intelligence that supersedes limitations of time and space into one vast realm of limitlessness.

Private In-Person

An eternal, sacred, transformational one day encounter renowned for producing a phenomenon … a  ‘potential miracle’

SHE is a scared transformational eternal encounter that has become legendary for producing a phenomenon … a ‘potential miracle’ whereby many out of control problems that prevent, impinge upon or block inner peace are effortlessly outgrown and lose their grip. For over three decades clients have continually reported this occurrence, although it is not the objective, but a by product that SHE is known to produce.

SHE unmutes pure unedited truth that flows through you, and comes back to you through Rhonda’s human voice in ONE Self(s) narrative and directive. Through and in a transcended state and plane, one is instantly enlightened within ONE Self(s) Intelligence and light that joins all life seamlessly as ONE.  In this “enlightened” state of being, your system produces a personal Self(s) composed and orchestrated protocol.
This invaluable Self(s) navigational resource leads you to be centered in the sacred information that you ARE; thus conceived and received.

The In-Person Experience Comprises Multiple Phases

As this is a timeless and template-free experience, the clock time for the experience varies. Rhonda does not use a clock. What governs how long an In-Person Session is, is based on when your system stops producing information: that is when SHE stops.  Generally SHE is completed, beginning to end, in two to four hours.

Initially you will meet Rhonda, which is in essence meeting your Self(s).  During this time you will hear your Self(s) disclose, learn what your Self(s) knows, learn what you need to comprehend about yourself, ONE Self(s) presence and the experience.  Then your system will disclose the major obstacle that is blocking inner peace …

You will be primed to transcend and comprehend
What your Self(s) knows,
How to grow into and out of what your Self(s) shows,
That is conveyed in multitudinous and calibrated ways,
You are primed to Self(s) heal
Infinitely what becomes real…

SHE is a nonmedical and nonphysical experience but relates to everything that is, was, or could become physical.  Through what SHE offers, one is primed to receive multitudinous information: 

    • The experiences are time-accelerated
    • SHE occurs in infinite time but relates to all finite-timed occurrences
    • Because SHE is infinite, as such are the possibilities
    • SHE is governed and controlled by what your system knows, not what Rhonda Lenair thinks
    • You become ONE Self(s) expert and specialist in whatever realms your system discloses and produces that you’re ripe to profit by
    • What was, is, or will be probable to occur through all levels of consciousness
    • Old lessons that are unfinished or pending
    • Geographical and topographical favorable and unfavorable points
    • Stressors, physically and beyond
    • All that is transpiring that you are ‘ripe’ to benefit from – no more, no less  (i.e. energetic reflections of what’s occurring physically, psychologically, etc.)
    • Genetic and other predispositions
    • Energetically reflected information that could equate with what is standardly produced through technology: x-rays, scanners, MRI, and many times information prior to technology recognizing findings and/or equipped or programmed to see (i.e. the seeds of origin)
    • Energetically reflected information that could equate with what is standardly accessed through Lab data and other testing (i.e. blood, urine, saliva, etc.)
    • You become ONE Self(s) detector, Self(s) specialist and Self(s) expert in any area, physically and beyond
    • What to avoid or incorporate in all areas
    • Deficiencies and toxicities
    • Allergens and sensitivities
    • Compatible and incompatible foods and substances
    • Poemantras

… Self(s) conceived/received, calibrated prayers
Your system composes what you hear
As you receive insights and foresights and in hindsight that tell

You, how to BE – whole and well …

  • Metaphors that reflect what is going on in your life and why
  • What is, was and is likely to occur; why it is continuing and/or probable to occur
  • Weak and strong areas systemically
  • Unresolved conflicts and/or time warps you’re stuck in, why, and what to do about them
  • Innate abilities and talents
  • Past life references
  • Finding and understanding your life purpose

Private via Phone

This powerful time-accelerated, 20-minute sacred encounter holds the promise of instant enlightenment.

In this state you are primed to receive sacred information and data your system conceives that is unmuted through you and comes back to you through Rhonda’s human voice.

What SHE offers via phone is not renowned for producing the ‘potential miracle’ that occurs during the in-person experience, although it has been known to occur.

Many people schedule for what SHE offers via phone because they have pending problems and or conflicts and wish to attain clarity as to what is occurring and why. In this enlightened state, one is primed to comprehend what conventional and sometimes alternative means have not produced as answers for unresolved conflicts and dilemmas.

Through what SHE offers via phone, one hears what is occurring on multitudinous levels  and dimensions through ONE Self(s) producing and descriptive prescriptive narrative.

In a Group Experience

When SHE is with one, SHE reflects one…
When SHE is with a group, SHE reflects all as ONE …

What SHE (the Self(s) Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair as ONE become) offers in a group worldwide is facilitated through:

  • Sponsors for your group via phone or live in-person person at your location; Learn more here
  • The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center offers the group experience to nonprofits that have missions to help earth and /or earth’s inhabitants to raise funds, new supporters, and awareness for their respective causes in accordance with Rhonda Lenair’s global mission and initiative, ‘ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace’ that is primed to save our world at large. Learn more here

All Self(s) Healing Experiences, privately with one and in a group, are the same in one fundamental and primary way: when SHE is with one, SHE reflects one; when SHE is with a Group, SHE reflects ALL as ONE.

SHE surpasses all physical boundaries, divisions, time, and all physical differences that divide and separate life. All present at the group Self(s) Healing Experience become ONE indivisible, omniscient, omnipresent, nonphyisical experience as ONE. All hear what joins and unites the group as ONE that emanates through each group participant and back to the group seamlessly as ONE. No more or less is heard through spoken word than the group is primed to profit by. All present are instantaneously enlightened in ONE Self(s) intelligence that presides within all individualized life forms that are born anew collectively as ONE and in ONE limitless body of sacred knowledge.

SHE synthesizes all present that become ONE note in ONE Self(s) composed orchestrated symphony of pure clarity and enlightenment. Each individual’s presence will in essence reflect, collectively what resurrects, what is heard, through spoken word to all as ONE.  ONE Self(s) reflection and resurrection pre and post what becomes physical and the need to be,  dualistically non and eternally unbound and free …

Each group participant is centered in and becomes ONE Self(s) enlightened being in unison and unity. All present represent and reflect a singular and collective ONE and become the gift they receive through this sacred encounter. Learn more here

The  Joe Allen Goodness Fund

The Joe Allen Goodness Fund

Hello my name is Joe Allen, and this is my story;

10 years ago I scheduled an appointment at the Lenair Self(s)® Healing Center per the urging of my wife. Prior to scheduling, my life was in shambles because of being extremely out-of-control and falling victim to out-of-control drinking with ferocious cravings, desires and unstoppable urges to consume large quantities of alcohol. I was drowning myself in my own misery, depression, and hopelessness.

I tried counseling, detox centers, 12 step programs and cold turkey without any results. My life was out of control with no peace in sight, and I felt massively stuck with no confidence that there was an end. I had feelings of doom and defeat that seemed never ending. I was scared of life continuing with my love affair with alcohol, and yet I was terrified at the thought of living without this crutch that was breaking me.

Then my life changed in a truly unexpected way. A miracle occurred for me at the Lenair Self(s)® Healing Center that offers theSelf(s)® Healing experience Also known as SHE. SHE is the Self(s)® healing experience non physically and Rhonda Lenair female physically as ONE offers. I stopped drinking instantaneously with no pain, withdrawals, or side effects and most of all no desires, cravings, or need to drink. I couldn’t believe that this sacred transformation occurred and I was in awe. SHE totally reversed all parts of my habitual out-of-control drinking alcohol from the root system, it was simply gone.

Ironically, SHE is not an addiction service, therapy or program. SHE has one objective, that is for you to attain the sanctity of inner peace and through the promise what SHE offers it is guaranteed that you will be instantly enlightened in all ways that your system understands you need to hear.

I encourage you to learn more about this life changing sacred experience that can perhaps save your life just as it did mine. www.lenair.com

10 years ago I scheduled with what SHE offers once again, and during this sacred encounter I out-grew the need, cravings and desires to smoke completely. The same experience was mirrored as before.

The  Joe Allen Goodness Fund is my way of giving back. The Goodness Fund was created for you!

If you are struggling in life with a problem that is blocking or prohibiting inner peace, and feel as though you need to do something but are stuck or overwhelmed and cannot afford to schedule an in-person Self(s)® Healing Experience, I am here to help you. The only thing I request as criteria is a letter of your situation and how much help you “truly need” to make the scheduling possible and the absolute whole-hearted promise to pay this fund back incrementally or all at once when you are able, within a reasonable period of time. This fund will then be recycled to help another and another as it will grow from the Goodness of all hearts that accept this assistance. This is a verbal agreement that I ask you to honor and it is based on pure trust. The Goodness Fund will help you only to the point that you have no other means to turn to, and it is done from my heart to yours. You may send your letter requesting assistance to the LenairSelf(s)® Healing Center.

Joe Allen

Scheduling & Fees

The Self(s) Healing Experience – In-Person Fee

What SHE Offers Privately:

Takes place in one day.  Generally, an experience lasts between 2 to 4 hours.  The one-day experience is ideal for those with time-constraints, traveling issues, and those who do not want to stay overnight.

What SHE Offers on Weekends:

When 3 people schedule and come in together, a weekend is made available. The 1st person’s experience is scheduled and completed on Saturday morning.  The 2nd person’s experience is scheduled and completed on Saturday afternoon; and, the 3rd experience is scheduled and completed on Sunday morning.

What SHE offers on the weekend is ideal for people who have demanding weekday schedules or are unable to take time off work.  Families, friends, or co-workers that travel together and wish to be seen at the same time appreciate being the exclusive weekend clients.

What SHE Offers at your Location

SHE travels to your state or country through sponsored travel.

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, it is easy. All you need to do is preschedule a minimum of 12 people at your location and you will receive a complimentary Self(s) Healing Experience for yourself or someone you care about.  
Each person is required to pre-pay in full for their experience prior to our arrival.

If you’re interested, in being a sponsor learn more.  


All appointments (experiences) are paid in full at the time of scheduling and nonrefundable. If a life or death emergency occurs or extreme weather conditions prevent safe traveling, another appointment time will be given. You can pay for your experience by credit card (DISCOVER, MasterCard or VISA) or forward a money order or bank check. Sorry, but our credit card processor does not accept AMEX.

If more than one person schedules to come in during the same time, or if you are scheduling for any weekend experience, payment for all experiences are due – in full – at the time of scheduling and are non-refundable. We do this because if one person decides at the last minute not to come and the rest of the group cancels, it will affect our schedule dramatically for the week: we do not overbook and we would not be able to fill the appointments. Of course in the case of life-threatening emergency, another appointment time will be given to that person.  

The Self(s) Healing Experience – Private via Phone Fee

The Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) via phone provides you with 20 minutes of very concentrated, in-depth, and powerful information that emanates from beyond your physiology but relates directly back to it.

Feel free to prepare any questions you may have in advance of your session. You can ask your questions during the experience (although most people never need too!). Calling from a landline, if possible, is preferred.  Rhonda will alert you when 20-minutes has elapsed; at that time you can decide if you wish to continue. If so, your credit card will be billed for the additional time.

What SHE offers via phone is not documented, so if you wish, you can take notes. If you do have questions, please ask them during your experience: no questions will be answered after the experience has ended.

The fee for what SHE offers via phone is $425.00 (US) for the 20-minute baseline session; however, more time can be provided if you wish.  Any additional time beyond the 20-minutes is prorated. We require $425 to be paid at the time you schedule.  Phone appointment payments can be secured via credit card or certified check and are non-refundable. If additional time is requested at the end of the 20 minutes, any additional fees are then charged to your credit card.

You are required to sign and forward a Consent Form (click here to download form) to us at 24 hours prior to your session. This must be received prior to your scheduled phone experience. You can mail, scan and email, or fax toll-free (1.802.558.9200) the agreement.

Rhonda will call you at your appointment time at the phone number you indicated on your Consent Form.

To schedule a Self(s) Healing Experience via phone, call (802)558-9200.