Poemantras produce instant enlightenment through insights, foresights, and hindsight that tell, how life can be happy and well

…Poemantra was Self(s) conceived
Born, delivered, and received
Poemantra emanated from two crossed seeds
Poem and mantra for all life’s needs
A hybrid ‘gift’ that calibrates
All life as ONE Self(s)/self that co-creates
What’s finitely structured and formed
Is infinitely delivered, received, and born…

…Poemantras Self(s) teach and/or Self(s) heal
Life from what becomes physically real
Through Poemantras life obtains
Messages ONE Self(s) explains
What energetically causes pain
And how ‘in essence’ it refrains
Past physical boundaries, realms and planes
Life’s recomposed and rearranged
As all life ascertains
What comes from ONE Self(s) domain
Poemantras are omnipresent, time-eternal insights,
foresights, and in hindsight that tell,
Truth that lies and frees life to be well
Centered, balanced, and free
Are Self(s) composed Poemantrically…